In today’s chaotic world, most of us often find ourselves yearning to escape life's ever-widening landscape of obligations and stressors but simply don’t know how. Here at Sit, we aim to provide you with the space and tools that you need to shut everything off, take a deep breath, and sit still. We are a secular meditation studio that focuses solely on techniques that have been scientifically shown to produce physical changes in the brain. Our studio will feature a menu of classes featuring various meditation techniques that affect different areas of the brain and improve different traits. A wide variety of meditation props and equipment will be provided, such as cushions, yoga mats, bolsters, and much more. We look to open in 2020. For now, join us for a group meditation at Flowstate STL in the Fox Park neighborhood. Also consider buying some of our cool merch or contacting us for a private event. Keep an eye out for our pop-up group classes held in various locations throughout St. Louis as well. For all other questions, including information about investing, contact us here


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