Far too much of today's societal and technological evolution inadvertently produces anxiety, distracts us, or simply bums us out. 

Here at Sit STL, we're determined to do the opposite.


By giving you the space and the tools you need to be able to shut everything off, close your eyes, and sit still

This is in no way a religious practice. You can be part of a religion or not - we won't interfere. Simply think of our studio as a mental gym. Would going to your local gym persuade you to leave your religion or convince you to join a new one? Absolutely not.

Open to All

Sit STL is a modern meditation studio. We make the practice of meditation accessible for the everyday person by incorporating techniques that have been scientifically shown to produce positive changes in the brain. Our guided meditations use practical verbiage that eliminate any unnecessary sense of intimidation or mysticism. Class ends with an incredibly relaxing sound experience using singing bowls, gongs, and more. It is an experience that simply can't be found anywhere else. 

We only teach meditation techniques with a significant amount of scientific data supporting their benefits. There's no need to "buy into" anything - just check out the research yourself!


Grounded in Science

Class takes place every Thursday at 6:30pm

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